Monday, July 9, 2012

Guess who's liking the water?!

Oh dear blog readers... how I have missed you! I am in week two of my crazy 3 week stretch, so hopefully I will be able to blog at least 3 times this week :)

To bring you all back in to our joyful life of twins, here are the cutest pictures of the girls at the beach of Grandma and Pop Pop!

Oh how I love the excitement and smirks they both have because they get to play together in the water! Love it!

So here's the longer story... The girls have only begun to start liking the water.  Cal and I tried to bring them in the water last fall in a indoor pool, then on vacation, and then in Florida... only to be greeted with whines and grumpiness.  But now, the girls faces really speak for themselves :) I think they like it! So far, they enjoy ridiculously warm water... and since Michigan has been SO WARM, the water that they have learned to now love has been roughly around 90 :) I'll be curious to see the faces of the girls as the water returns to a normal degree :) I love Michigan Summers!!