Thursday, July 26, 2012

Thing Thursday

Squeaker shoes... Not only are these adorable shoes they fill whichever room you enter with smiles and giggles! Every step makes a little squeak that your kids will love and your audience will eat up! It's so fun! A must have for little walkers :)

Listen carefully :) Your heart will squeak along with every step :)

Enough said. Squeak Shoes are a must!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Plain Tuesday Fun

So I love it when you find the simplest - and cheapest - things to be SO fun for the girls!
Plastic Pool = $9.48
Seal Spray = $7.82
Hours of fun TWO days in a row = SO WORTH IT :)

Plus, it's so fun to have our cousin come over to play with us!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Monday Zoo Day!

We got to go to the zoo today! A little warm, but so fun!! We pet goats, babies and adults, and a chicken and cow.  The girls were not so sure about touching the animals, but they would try with daddy close :)

The penguins are our favorite.  Why? Well for several reasons... First they are amazing and swim at our face as we say "Whoa!" Second, strollers are not allowed in the exhibit, so we get to walk all over and giggle :) So much fun!

We got to go with our friends Lily and Emma.  We love making friends now that we are old enough to recognize other people and play :) It's so fun to see the girls light up with different people that they have a fancy towards... Emma is one of them :)  Thanks so much Emma for playing with us today!

 My girls and Me!!

The girls had so much fun they cashed out in the car :) It was so fun today! I love being a mom, I love seeing their faces light up at new things, I love being able to show them all the creativity of their amazing God who created it all!  It was pretty hot today.... but worth the sweat and craziness for the smiles that I got to see all day long :)