Friday, June 29, 2012

Framed Friday

Gnama we love the pool!

Uncle Drew... you're dreamy!! Thanks for teaching me the word Mammal... or MammO like I told Mom this morning :)

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Thing Thursday

So today's thing that I love is going to be a little different... not focused on kids, but instead home management! This little helpful dude is cheap (about 3 dollars at TJMax) , simple, quick, and very productive! This simple duster is easy to fly over the tops of your tables, lamps, and TV. Use this once a day (or every other) and it will change the look of your home! The whole house sparkle comes in about 2 min of work.  Worth it when you get in the habit :)  

Let me know what you think!

Chalked Full of Fun (Belated Wednesday)

My girls new toy of choice outside is sidewalk chalk :) A lot of fun, a little messy, sometimes distracted by their all time favorite outside toy (wood chips), but always a special time with the sister! Twins are too fun ;)

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

New Descriptions

One of the things I love about being a mom is the development of language! How fun is it to see their little minds wrap around concepts, listen intently to your description, and then try and blurt out their name for the item.  TOO CUTE!

So here's my quick little snippet of the newest words my girls have started.  You all heard their animal noises from the video several blogs ago (Talent Show on Tuesday) that has been most of the new words for them both.  Ashley started try to repeat things I tell her, like fish, we tried Norah.. kinda came out as Nene, but hasn't stuck yet... but mostly just little one syllable words.  Norah on the other had refuses to say one syllable words, but if I give her a two syllable word she goes for it! It's been pretty fun, and the one that has stuck so far is of our special gift from Uncle Randy - the Bobble head.  You can say, "Where's your Bobble Head?" and she responds, "Bob-bo!" and then runs/toddles to her toy and whacks his head and again says "Bob-Bo!" Too fun right?!

Long story short, I love my girls and all their little adventures and descriptions!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Cousinly Love

So something that is great about coming from a big family is all the cousins! But I'm getting ahead of myself... rewind! 
As a mom, I have been having crazy flashbacks on my own childhood as I watch my girls grow, giggle, imagine, and play.  Does this happen to you? Does it make you feel crazy?... or old? haha :)  I have loved thinking back on the times that I remember my mom or dad rocking me to sleep.  I vividly remember falling asleep on my dad's shoulder as he carried me out of church, and the times that I giggled uncontrollably snuggled up on my parents bed as they pretended to "eat" my fingers! As creepy as it is... it is really fun too! 
Many of my memories at the moment are all about cousins! I remember the relationships being so fun... like best friends but closer because there was some unexplainable connection! Now, I get to see that with my girls! It almost brings me to tears; the excitement of the potential friends and memories that they will make together! I can't wait to see it all develop! I thank the Lord for the wonderful family that I was born into, and married into, and now the wonderful nieces and nephews that not only I get to enjoy as an aunt, but my girls grow up with! This is too fun!!

 Meet Mike, Matt, and Annie! These are my wonderful nephews and niece that are just older and just younger... and then a little more younger :) They are amazing friends and personalities! My girls already love them and light up when they get to play together! I can't even imagine all the fun stories that we will tell someday about their adventures.

These are pictures of story time together at the library (they were intently listening to the story)... and then also a picture of the girls buying their NEW little cousin (pictures still to come) Emma a present at Target.  WE LOVE FAMILY!