Thursday, July 19, 2012

Long Lost Friend!

So I met a long lost friend at camp last week.  What I mean by long lost is not that we have known or established a friendship in the past, but instead that we should have been best friends all our lives but happened to just live too far away :) I met one at camp! My husband says that she's a soul mate friend even though we only had a few days together. 

Here's the funny story... As we arrived at camp, there were several other church plants there that had brought their youth groups. Kristin and I met eyes and got confused looks on our faces... We were sure in both of our heads that we knew each other but were too embarrassed to approach each other and not know how. Long story short.... We don't have any connections. We are pretty sure we've never even been in the same city before...till now! 

Anyways we had a lot of fun getting to know each other and wish we lived closer... But we are working on a visit already :) I'm not sure why God introduces people like this sometimes, but it was a huge encouragement in ministry life for maybe that's just it, the Lord just wants to remind me that we are one big family in Jesus- all over the world :) What an awesome God we serve!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Oh how God works :)

So.. As most of you have noticed, I have been out for about two weeks.  Vacation, and then camp.  I'm sure I will give you an update about our Chicago trip in the near future-- let me tell you, it was so fun!
But first I want to share a little about this most recent week.

Calvin and I and Chris took our high school students to Harvest Camp last week.  It was amazing! It is so well run and incredibly focused on Jesus! Really, completely life changing... in many ways... friends, our physical appearance (good and bad... I'll leave it vague :) ), our energy level, and most importantly our spiritual lives.  It as an incredible week of challenging each other in our faiths, being convicted of sin and selfishness, surrendering it all to Jesus our amazing Savior, and rejoicing in the salvation and life that we get to live in Him! Seriously incredible!
Going to camp as a leader makes you expect to be used to change your students lives, but the truth is... Jesus wants to focus on my life as well! What an awesome and holy savior we serve! Grace. Period! 

So I know that that was a little vague, but let's be honest... 1. You get my point. 2. I am so physically and mentally exhausted that I barely can function in normality, thus making blog world nearly impossible :) So bear with me :)

On a overall note... I am finally back to a place of Internet, so my blogging should return to normal soon! Thanks for the slight vacation...back to the keyboard!