Saturday, June 2, 2012

Rule #1 of riding a roller coaster - Both hands in the air!

I woke up this morning thinking - Oh no, what have I done... I really started a blog? I am riding an emotional roller coaster (this will be explained another day) and somewhere between one of the twirls and loops I designed and launched a blog.  I feel like that's a little bit of a pre-pre-mid life crisis type of decision.
But during this minor freak out, I got my girls back from their grandparents house! Life is just happier when your family is all together again.  So I took a deep breath, and just started to let all the blessings the Lord was giving me sink in...

Snack time is so simple, but so fun :) Today was apple juice and teddy grahams! I loved the sweet and kind eyes of Norah, and Ashley's little finger saying, "Hold on Mom.. I think I just stuffed every graham in my mouth at the same time."
 Bath time and dry time is a gift... mostly with smiles, but the occasional tired frown.
 Thanks for brushing our teeth Pop Pop! I can't be thankful enough for grandparents that love my girls more than the world... serve them, love them, laugh with them :) So blessed!
A little play before bed and the day was done.  I was able to sit back and think... Even when the day starts off a little rocky, focusing on all the blessings God has given me focuses me back on the joy I have. Happiness can be shifty, but joy is in the foundation of Jesus. Pretty amazing huh?

Friday, June 1, 2012

Picture Time!

Just to begin to peak your interest in our life full of giggles...

No matter what is going on in life.. You can always look around and see blessings. You just need to decide if you're going to open your eyes or not :)

Another blogger.. really?

So as you can tell, I have decided to start a blog.
You may ask: Why start another blog? Isn't there millions out there to read already? Do you really have anything more to say?
Answer: Yes.
Better Answer:  I wanted to have an outlet to share my life, not because of how great I am... though I'm pretty fond of the blessings the Lord has given me... but because I follow several blogs and search for more that share the joys of motherhood, twin-hood, and life in general and I like them.  Yet, I have only found one that is a professed Jesus loving Christian. I also don't find many that are fine with throwing away diapers, eating processed foods, and not specific on the length of breastfeeding (though I love the idea of all of it, sometimes it doesn't fit your family).  So, all the rambling crumpled up into one big statement... I'm starting a blog. :)

Some hopes and dreams for this blog:
I hope to be encouraging by sharing the joys and struggles of everyday life with a foundation that true joy is found in Jesus Christ and all that He has already accomplished for us.
I hope to show pictures, video, and fun facts about my family.
I hope to be able to share lessons the Lord is teaching me, possibly being able to connect with others going through some same stuff.
And I hope to share some random tips that I have found work, or fail, in being a parent of twins.

I hope to enjoy this ride, and maybe pick up some hitchhikers on the way.