Thursday, August 23, 2012

Thing Thursday!

So I was wracking my brain for what I should do for today... and though there are many things that I think are important or necessary for toddler/baby life.. I think my item I use the absolute most is my iPhone!

Now don't write me off completely by saying she's just hopped on the bandwagon of Apple-mania... Let me explain to you why I think an iPhone is necessary :)

1. iPhones have great cameras! How many times do your children start to do a funny thing that you say, "Oh! I wish I had a camera to take a picture of this!"... O but wait, an iPhone does such things and very well I may add :)

2. iPhones have FaceTime! Now, I know that this seems a little ridiculous to recommend seeing a persons face to talk to them, but when it comes to toddlers mine can NOT figure out a phone.  Every time they get a phone to their ear to hear a grandparent, they immediately look at the receiver - thus not hearing what the grandparent said.... frustrating ....  FaceTime though fixes this problem because my girls know and can see who they are talking to! They will even kiss the screen as if they are kissing the person :)  On another note, FaceTime allows grandparents to see events they would most likely not get to see LIVE! Reference back to my Jump video and you will see my beautiful mother in the background on my iPad FaceTiming with us.  She got to see the girls try and jump for their first time and laugh with me!

3. iPhones can store TV shows or Movies.  When going out to eat, it is a very nice distraction for crabby or tired 1.5 year olds to watch a Dora the Explorer half way through dinner while the rest of the adults then get to enjoy conversation without juggling babies and food and drinks and waiters and oops there goes all the ice from my cup onto the baby who is now crying and people are looking and giving rude remarks as if they don't know what being a parent is like and O MY GOODNESS give me a second to catch my breath! .... you get my point :)

4. iPhones have Apps.  There are apps of all kinds, even for kids! My girls love to practice their animal noises with Peek a Boo Barn and tap on the colors of a picture they get to see change with the swipe of their finger.  Very fun for them and me as I see their little brains learn and try new things!

Have I helped explain the iPhone need for parents well enough? You can disagree with me, but I will simply say you need one and won't know the entirety of your need until you have one :)  The End :)

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  1. Yes, my smart phone does so many things I haven't even figured it all out and I've had it for a year!!!